Trezor T

Trezor T

Next-gen hardware wallet and password manager Trezor T for complete security of your cryptocurrencies and online life. Touchscreen enables easy everyday use.

What makes the Trezor T stand out?

The touchscreen display which makes it very easy to use. In addition to that, Trezor T functions as a universal secure password manager. This means that it will safely store your cryptocurrencies, but at the same time, it can serve as a secure carrier for your passwords.

Trezor T also offers the option to generate QR codes for receiving and allows you to set up two-factor authentication. What more you can simply use Trezor T for Tezos staking so you can have passive income.

Trezor T is ideal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts building a strong portfolio (supports almost 1 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens), who want their hardware wallet to have a some extra functions than ordinary one.

How does Trezor T work?

Trezor T encrypts and stores private keys of cryptocurrencies. Since the device is not constantly connected to the network, it is impossible to hack it. This is why hardware wallet generally represents the most secure way of storing cryptocurrencies. Transactions are confirmed on the device by entering a PIN number of up to 9 digits (we recommend set at least 6 digit PIN). Just only you know PIN number. You will enter it when you switch the device on for the first time. You have 16 attempts to enter it correctly, after which the wallet will lock itself.

If you lose your wallet, you don’t have to worry that someone else could be manually confirming transactions. You can whenever recover stored private keys to cryptocurrencies by using recovery sequence (so-called recovery phrase or so seed). Also if the device becomes locked or damaged, you can recover the cryptocurrencies by buying new Trezor T and recover content of the previous one.

12, 18, or 24 words for recovering your cryptocurrencies if your wallet gets lost, locked, or damaged

If your wallet locks itself after you enter an incorrect PIN 16 times, or if you lose or damage your wallet, all you need to do is purchase a new model of a Trezor wallet and restore the previous wallet by using the recovery sequence of 12 words (so-called recovery phrase or so seed), which the wallet shows you when you first activate it. You will carefully write the recovery sequence down (when setting up your wallet, you will be prompted to repeat it and thus prove that you have written the sequence down correctly) on an enclosed card. Always store this card separately, ideally by using Cryptosteel for Trezor hardware wallets.

Since the card with the recovery sequence de facto represents the means of recovering the contents of your wallet, you must store it very securely, preferably inside a safe. The wallet itself is protected by a strong PIN number (if you use a 9-digit PIN, the protection is much stronger than the PIN of your credit card). This is why you can use your Trezor wallet on a daily basis. You can also set up a two-factor authentication for the sign in process.

Trezor card for writte down recovery phrase.

Trezor T supports wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens

No matter how broad your portfolio is. Trezor T supports the most well-known cryptocurrencies such as BitcoinEthereumXRPLitecoinStellar (Lumens)Zcash etc. Overall 1 080+ cryptocurencies and tokens. Go to the official website to find out which cryptocurrencies Trezor T supports. Cryptocurrency management is done via the „Trezor wallet“. This app you  will download from the official website of the manufacturer (available for Win, OS X, and Linux). Once you purchase Trezor T, the manufacturer’s website will guide you through the initial activation and setup. It is very easy to set up Trezor T.

Trezor wallet application for cryptocurrency management

You manage cryptocurrencies by using the application Trezor wallet. You can download this app from the manufacturer’s website. However, many cryptocurrencies are managed in external wallets (similar to Ledger’s wallets). If you take a look at the list of supported cryptocurrencies and tokens, you can see in the „wallets“ column whether the particular cryptocurrency or token is supported by the Trezor wallet application. If not, an external wallet is used, but that doesn’t diminish your cryptocurrency‘s security in the least. The private keys stay stored in the hardware wallet and the wallet then communicates directly with the blockchain of the particular cryptocurrency via an external interface created specifically for this purpose.

Trezor Wallet interface.

Use Trezor T as your password manager as well

Hardware wallet Trezor T is also high-end passwords manager. For this reason, we recommend this wallet for all users who need to ensure the security of not only their cryptocurrencies, but also their passwords to various online services. Watch this short video which tells you how the password manager works.

Price and delivery

Directly from manufacturer (180 EUR or 198 USD) with FREE shipping. You may pay by Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

For 483 EUR (530 USD) you can buy a 3 wallet multipack. One Trezor T will then only cost you 161 EUR (177 USD).

Contents of package:

Hardware wallet Trezor T, USB-C cable, User manual, 2x card for writing down seeds.

Accessories, dimensions, weight

Accessories: MicroUSB OTG cable  for connecting to a mobile phone with an Android operating system.
You can also buy Cryptosteel together in a bundle with the wallet (which saves you money) or separately.

Dimensions: 64mm x 39mm x 10mm.
Weight: 16g.