Trezor One

Trezor One

Trezor One is a hardware wallet which provides the highest level of security and a password management function in one. A reliable option for everyone.

What makes the Trezor One stand out?

Its functional design and the fact that it supports almost 1 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens. This makes this cryptocurrency wallet suitable if you want to create a large cryptocurrency portfolio.

Trezor One as well offers a much wider range of functions and options. You can use Trezor One for secure management of your passwords to online services. Also its ability to generate a receiving address in the form of a QR code and set up a two-factor authentication is a cherry on top.

We recommend this hardware wallet for those who wish to actively use their hardware wallet and who wish to take advantage of the functions the competing wallet, Ledger Nano S, does not offer.

How does it work?

Trezor One hardware-encrypts private keys to cryptocurrencies. Because the device is not constantly connected to a network, there is no chance to hack it. This is why hardware wallet generally represents the most secure way of storing cryptocurrencies. Transactions are confirmed on the device, by entering a PIN number which contains up to 9 digits. The PIN number hardware wallet creates when you activate the device for the first time. Only you know PIN number.

When using the wallet, you have 16 attempts to enter PIN number in right form before the wallet locks itself for security reasons. If you lose the wallet, you don’t have to worry that someone else might be physically confirming transactions. You can whenever recover stored private keys to cryptocurrencies by using recovery sequence (so-called recovery phrase or so seed). Also if the device becomes locked or damaged, you can recover the cryptocurrencies by buying new Trezor One and recover content of the previous one.

Entering PIN when turning Trezor One on.

12, 18, or 24 words for recovering the wallet if the device locks itself, gets lost, or becomes damaged

If your wallet locks itself after entering an incorrect PIN number 16 times, or if you lose or damage it, all you need to do is purchase a new model of a Trezor wallet and recover the previous wallet’s contents with the help of a recovery sequence of 12, 18, or 24 words (“recovery phrase”), which the wallet shows you upon activation. You will carefully write down the recovery sequence (when setting up the wallet, you will be prompted to repeat it and thus prove that you have correctly written down the words) on an enclosed card. Always store this card separately, ideally by using Cryptosteel for Trezor hardware wallets.

Since the card with the recovery sequences de facto represents the means of renewing the contents of your wallet, you must store it very carefully; a safe is your best option. The wallet itself is protected by a strong PIN. If you use a 9-digit code, the protection is much stronger than the PIN your credit card provides and therefore you can use it regularly.

Each hardware wallet has its unique recovery sequence.

Trezor One supports wide spectrum of cryptocurrencies and tokens

Trezor One supports most major cryptocurrencies, such as BitcoinLitecoinDashZcash, XRP, Stellar and hundreds more, as well as lesser known cryptocurrencies or tokens (1,080 in all). A complete list of cryptocurrencises which Trezor One supports you find on the official website. Cryptocurrency management takes place via the „Trezor wallet“ application. This app you will download from the official website of the manufacturer (available for Win, OS X, Linux). As soon as you purchase your Trezor One, the manufacturer’s website will guide you through the initial activation and installation. It is really very easy to set up Trezor One.

Application Trezor Wallet for cryptocurrency management

Cryptocurrencies are managed in the Trezor Wallet application. This app you download from the manufacturer’s website. Most cryptocurrencies are, however, managed via external wallets (similar to the way Ledger’s wallets do it). If you take a look at the list of supported cryptocurrencies and tokens, you will see in the column „wallets“ whether each specific cryptocurrency or token is supported by the Trezor Wallet application. If not, you have to use an external wallet, but that does not diminish the security of the hardware wallet in the least. The private keys stay stored inside it and only the wallet communicates directly with the blockchain of the specific cryptocurrency via an external interface created precisely for this purpose.

Trezor Wallet interface.

Use the Trezor One as a password manager as well

You can use the hardware wallet Trezor One to manage your passwords as well. For this reason we recommend Trezor One to all those who need to ensure the security of not just their cryptocurrency, but also the safety of their passwords to various online services. Watch how the password manager works in this short video.

Price and delivery

Directly from manufacturer 59 EUR (65 USD) with FREE shipping to many countries. You can  further use Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies for payment. If you buy a bundle of three wallets, each wallet will cost you an unparalleled 51 EUR (153 EUR for all three).

Package contents

Cryptocurrency wallet Trezor ONE, microUSB cable, User manual, 2x card for writing down seeds.

Accessories, dimensions, and weight

Accessories: MicroUSB OTG cable for connecting to mobile phones with Android operating system
Leather case
Silicon cases in assorted colors
Cryptosteel, which you can buy together with Trezor One (for an advantageous price) or separately

Dimensions:  60mm x 30mm x 6mm.
Weight: 12g