Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is the most advanced hardware wallet, with the ability to connect to a PC or a mobile phone via Bluetooth for convenient everyday use. The best choice for those who take their cryptocurrencies seriously.

What makes the Ledger Nano X stand out?

Bluetooth technology, which makes it more convenient to use, especially with the Ledger Live application in your mobile phone. But Nano X also supports a connection via USB-C cable.

What more Ledger Nano X can manage up 100 cryptocurrencies at one time without having to compromise. You can also use Nano X for staking of Trezor cryptocurrency and have passive income around 5-6% p. a.).

Currently, the Ledger Nano X represents the most advanced and best hardware wallet for managing a larger cryptocurrency portfolio, based on the price/performance ratio. It doesn’t limit your mobility in the least.

How does Ledger Nano X work?

Ledger Nano X stores encrypted private keys. Since the device is not always connected to the internet, it is impossible to hack it. The security of your cryptocurrencies is ensured by a dedicated security chip resistant to sophisticated attacks. Also specially developed operating system BOLOS secure your cryptocurrencies. This is why hardware wallet Ledger Nano X is considered the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies.  Transactions are confirmed by entering a PIN number, known only to you, on the device. So no one else can make transactions instead of you.

4-8 digit PIN for authentication

When you first turn on your Ledger Nano X, you will have to enter your own 4-8 digit PIN code. This  PIN code you will use for authentication when connecting your wallet to a PC or a mobile phone or when sending outgoing transacions. We recommend choosing a full length number (8 digits), which will ensure complete security of your cryptocurrencies. If you lose your wallet, you don’t have to worry that someone else could manually confirm transactions. If you or someone else enter three times incorrect PIN number, the wallet will lock itself. But don´t worry, you can whenever restore the content of the Ledger Nano S (the contents meaning the stored private keys) by using the recovery sequence of 24 words.

24 words for recovering the contents in case of loss or damage

If you enter an incorrect PIN number 3 times, or if you lose, damage your wallet or someone steals it, all you need to do is purchase a new Ledger wallet model and recover the contents of the lost wallet by using the 24 word recovery phrase. This phrase is unique to each wallet. The hardware wiil wallet generate recovery phrase when you activate it for first time. You must carefully write it down and always store it separately from the wallet itself. A card for writing down the sequence is provided with the package. This card is what you should store in a safe, not the wallet itself – the wallet is protected by a PIN number and is made for regular use (but if you do keep it in a safe, there’s nothing wrong with that).

In order to store your recovery phrase securely (because paper can easily be destroyed, get damp, the writing smudged, etc.), we recommend Cryptosteel. It is an indestructible offline steel backup method specifically intended for recovery phrases or other types of information. Cryptosteel can store 96 symbols.

Card for record of your unique recovery phrase your cryptocurrency wallet. Or you can use Cryptosteel.

Nano X supports wide range cryptocurrencies and tokens

The hardware wallet Ledger Nano X supports over 1 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens (see list here).

BitcoinEthereumBitcoin Cash are a matter of course, but lesser known cryptocurrencies or tokens, such as VeChain, Ontology, Lisk, Golem, are included as well. You manage them via the Ledger Live application which you can install on your PC or mobile phone. You don’t have to carry around a cable in order to connect to the app, though; Nano X communicates via Bluetooth. This is why it truly represents a 100% mobile hardware wallet.

Ledger Live application for managing cryptocurrencies and tokens

Users manage their cryptocurrencies and carry out transactions via the Ledger Live application, either on a PC or a mobile phone, after connecting the wallet with a USB-C cable or Bluetooth. You will simply download the application from the manufacturer’s website.

A small application for each cryptocurrency or token will be loaded into the wallet from the Ledger Live to enable the wallet to save the private keys (and generate an address for receiving), because each cryptocurrency or token is built on a slightly different basis. Once this is done, you can manage your wallet by receiving and sending out specific cryptocurrencies or tokens via the Ledger Live application. Nano X allows you to manage (as in, have applications installed for) 100 cryptocurrencies or tokens, without you having to uninstall applications in order to be able to manage others.

This is one of the main differences from Nano S, which can only manage up to 18 applications at one time. If you have or plan on having a large portfolio of cryptocurrencies and tokens and you want to manage them on a regular basis, the hardware wallet Nano X is the best choice for you.

Sometimes you will use external compatible wallets

Certain cryptocurrencies do not even need Ledger Live for conducting transactions after you install their applications into your wallet; You can (you must) manage them on a user interface via an online interface (e.g., Cardano via the https://adalite.io interface). It could be helpful if you want to use the wallet and you don’t have the ability to install the Ledger Live application on a PC (for example, at work).

Interface Ledger Live.

Take advantage of the potential of Bluetooth technology

To increase user comfort and convenience, the Ledger Nano X – unlike the Ledger Nano S or other hardware wallets – gives you the option to use Bluetooth to connect to a mobile device or a computer. This is why the Nano X is perfect for everyday use, especially in conjunction with a mobile phone. You won’t have to carry around a USB cable in order to conduct transactions. However Nano X supports USB-C connection (cable is included).

Price and package contents

Directly from manufacturer 120 EUR (132 USD) with FREE shipping to many countries.
Shipping is fast – they will deliver the wallet on the second or third business day.
Package contents: hardware wallet Ledger Nano X, USB cable, user manual, 3x card for writing down recovery phrase (the so-called seed)

The manufacturer also offers a bundle containing both the Ledger Nano X and the Ledger Nano S, for a very favorable price of 150 EUR. This means that you can have an extra Ledger Nano S for a half of its regular price.

Wallet accessories (Ledger OTG Kit)

The manufacturer offers a set of cables for connecting the wallet to a mobile phone or PC (including USB-C).

Detailed FAQ for customers

A well-organized Frequently asked questions section on the manufacturer’s website will answer any questions you might have.

Compatibility and dimensions

Compatibility: 64-bit computer (Windows 8+, macOS 10.8+, Linux) or mobile phone (iOS 9+ or Android 7+)
Dimensions: 72mm x 18,6mm x 11,75mm.
Weight: 34g.
In weight and dimensions, the Nano X is similar to a typical flash drive

Watch videos about the hardware wallet Nano X. Using it is easier than you might think

1. How to start using the Ledger Nano X
2. Navigating the display screen
3. Bluetooth pairing
4. Quick introduction of Ledger Nano X