Leave nothing to chance and securely store the recovery phrase of your hardware wallet in Cryptosteel.

Why you should have the Cryptosteel?

Your cryptocurrency wallet (Ledger S or X respectively Trezor One or T) generates a recovery phrase when you switch it on for the first time. This is the so called seed – 12, 18, or 24 words for recovering the wallet’s contents in case of loss, physical damage, theft, or entering an incorrect PIN number (Ledger wallets 3 times, Trezor wallets 16 times). So it is very important to store recovery phrase in a very safe manner.

You must write down the recovery sequence when you turn your wallet on for the first time and then securely store it, separately from your hardware wallet. And this is where Cryptosteel comes in – it will ensure absolute security to your seed. You can bury Cryptosteel in the ground, submerge it in a pond in your backyard, or simply place it in a safe. You can be sure that even after several years, you will still be able to recover the contents of your hardware wallet if you need to.

If you lose recovery phrase of your cryptocurrency wallet you will not be able to recovery content of the cryptocurrency wallet in case of need. So it is important to have recovery phrase written down on indestructible medium.

How does Cryptosteel work?

You will line up the first four letters of each word of recovery phrase your hardware wallet (which is enough due to the unique nature of the words; the package contains approximately 250 letters). The sequential order of the words (their first four letters) must be maintained. Once you’ve written the wallet’s seed down, you will then safely store it. Please note that the rows on the cryptosteel shown in the images are numbered. You will use these numbers to line up your generated seed sequence in the right order.

You can, of course, use Cryptosteel for storing recovery phrase of your desktop wallet or any other information.

What can cryptosteel handle?

After setting up your words, the Cryptosteel is closed by a „bayonet“ clasp. At that moment, it becomes a pretty much indestructible offline steel backup method because even the letters themselves are made of steel. The manufacturer lists resistance to physical damage (e.g. in case of a fall etc.) and to fire (1200°C) as well as to water and corrosion damage. You can use Cryptosteel as indestructible medium for safekeeping of other types of information as well (up to 96 letters, conforms with BASE64 coding), such as passwords etc. Storing information for future generations comes to mind as well…

Highest protection of your hardware wallet recovery phrase.

Price and delivery

The hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor offers the option of purchasing hardware wallets Trezor One and Trezor with Cryptosteel (or without it for 130 EUR or 144 USD). You can also buy it itself for your Ledger wallet, without buying Trezor wallet together. But purchasing Cryptosteel directly with Trezor hardware wallet is cheaper. Trezor One with Cryptosteel (155 EUR or 172 USD) or Trezor T with Cryptosteel (277 EUR or 308 USD). Free shipping.

You can also pay with Bitcoin and other main cryptocurrencies on

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