Coinmate is one of the best cryptoexchange for buying or selling the most known cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.). Easy to deposit, trade and withdraw (both crypto and FIAT).

Coinmate homepage

Main advantages of Coinamte

Simple purchase and sale of the most famous cryptocurrencies. Coinmate is the perfect choice for European users as it allows dedicated payment method (SEPA wire or credit card payment). The big plus is that you can use either a simple interface for buying or selling cryptocurrencies or a classic exchange interface where you can use various trading tools.

Traded cryptocurrencies

Coinmate offers the purchase and sale of the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dash, Bitcoin Cash.

On the picture you can see all traded cryptocurrencies. Just simply click on the pair you want to trade (eg. BTC / EUR) and enter the amount for what amout you want to buy Bitcoin (or how many Bitcons you want to sell for EUR) and click Confirm. This is really simple.

It is also possible to use the Trade “tab” where you can get to the classic stock exchange interface with trading tools (limit, market, limit+stop).

Traded cryptocurrencies

Deposits and withdrawals

Supported cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP (Ripple) and Dash can be depisited, traded and withdrawn without identity verification requirenments.

Deposit FIAT currency (EUR) is only possible after identity verification. But after that, you can simply fully trading on Coinmate.

Identity verification

In order to make deposits and withdrawals in EUR on Coinmate, you must go through an identity verification process. This is done through the ID Now application, which you simply download to your mobile phone and under the unique code you receive you log in. You will contact an operator (even those who do not speak English) who will verify your and identity card form by video call. No copies of your ID card are sent anywhere. Only the operator will verify your form with the photo on the card and you will show the card from close to verify the information you entered with the data on the ID card. The verification process is completed in a few hours by Coinmate and bank transfers can then be used.

Coinmate limits according to stage of identity verification

See how easy it is to verify your identity on Coinmate

Account security

You can use Google authenticator for two factor security of your account. What more, withdrawal of cryptocurrencies or FIAT money you have to confirm via email.

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